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jQuery Ajax and Passing Data

I was having an issue the other day with passing an ampersand into a script via jQuery Ajax.  I was doing this: data:"category="+category+"&groupname="+groupname, If the groupname had an ampersand in it the variable was getting cut off. After do some research on the issue I found a better way to pass in data. This improved way of passing in the data automatically url encodes the data to be passed in properly.

Chrome extensions I use on a regular basis

Google Chrome Sync feature makes it easy for me to remember what extensions I use because if I reinstall and  re-enter my account credentials it will reinstall the extensions for me.  It is a pretty cool feature. Here are the chrome extensions I use on a regular basis.  I have a few more installed that I have tried, but these are the extensions I use on a regular basis. Screen Capture (By Google) Auto Refresh Plus Last Pass Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail Which extensions can you not live without?